Understanding your net worth is important for living out your purpose. The workplace is an environment where you spend eight hours of your day, and that is forty hours a week; therefore, it should definitely be a place where you get to express the best version of yourself. The marketplace should be a vibrant community with sparks of creativity and individuality being released; it is a place of endless opportunities to express the best version of yourself. It is a place where you get to passionately use your talents.

Gifts and talents are what give you passion, and passion drives your purpose. “What are my talents,” I hear you ask? Talents are the things that you are good at, they are the gifts you can offer. They are those things that come naturally to you. Examples of talents could be an artistic ability, efficiency with numbers, ease and great relation with people, prolific writing and speaking ability. Your talent is your treasure; it is where your heart is.

Purpose is the reason why you exist and your vision forms part of your purpose. Allow me into your imagination: Imagine with me your life as a house.  The roof of your house (life) is your vision, and the foundation of your house (life) is your values. In this house you have many rooms. The rooms are your talents. Each room (talent) displays the uniqueness of your house. As family, friends, clients, and acquaintances walk into your house they offer opportunities for the existence of your house to be glorified. The foundation of your house carries the roof, the roof being our vision.  Furthermore, your house gives strength and stability to the roof (vision) of the house.  The existence of your house is to serve a purpose. But, if there is no vision (roof), your house is void of habitation or purpose.

 “Your gift will take you to places, but your character will keep you there.” Ever heard this saying? I should have ownership rights on this statement considering the amount of times I use this statement and BELIEVE in it. Here is an eye-opening statement: You can be so gifted and so talented, but if your character is not properly rooted you can forfeit the places where your gifts have made opportunity for you to serve your purpose. You can lose the opportunities and the platforms given to you to serve your purpose. Your purpose is clearly shaped by your values and without a solid value system the weight of your talent and vision cannot be upheld. Values are everything: character matters!

I often meet people who are bored with life and the mundane. They are tired of chasing the wind and not progressing in life.  It’s these same people who often have the heart cry “What is my purpose?” My question to you is, “Do you feel that you were created for more?” If this is you, and your answer is “yes,” then you are reading the right invitation. Most people want to know when is the right time to start living fully in purpose. I am here to tell you, “the time is “NOW”.” Now is always the time. The answer to your cry is to live an intentional life focused on purpose while activating your talents. Purpose has a path, but this path does not lead to a final destination instead it leads to fruitfulness in purpose. Even we you pass from this life to the next, your purpose continues through the legacy you have left behind; therefore, the objective is not to die old but to die empty. You can die a full yet empty life because you have accomplished your purpose and maximized your gifts and talents by living out our purpose.  

Let me end with the beginning: “Understanding your net worth is important when living out your purpose.” I trust that by this point you are able to see how your life is meant to fulfill purpose and your purpose is lived out through your talents. Also, by this time I trust that you were able to bank your talents and values. Can you identify them?  

I believe the hour of revelation has come for you to now live out your purpose unapologetically, to live your life from the inside out, and to walk in destiny. I am here to help you do just that.

Yours in Purpose,

Melissa Porfirio